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CW Logo CW fans are known for their fierce loyalty to the band. I guess I'm a case in point. After all, why else does a 40-something year old guy write a web page for a band?? I've certainly never done anything like this before! But CW writes and performs SO powerfully that they get deep into your psyche!

Another of CW's fiercely loyal fans is Amy. Like many others, Amy is disappointed that CW doesn't get more exposure and more promotion with which to build their fan base. She wants to change that, as she stated in this post to Texture, the Catherine Wheel email list:

I was talkin with a friend and his idea made me feel like I should ask you guys if you are interested in doing something about this. I would need help from fellow fans, but with how much everyone on this list loves this band, I am hoping on some cooperation.

I want to make a plea/attempt to help get this bands name into action. I have seen and heard too many people who have no idea who tCW is.

I would like to help get the bands name into the minds of music fans across the globe. I want to make it known and get a listing together of all the CW fans who would like to VOLUNTEER to help promote this band.

By promotion, I would like to see Sony/Columbia Records provide people at certain college campuses or large cities across the country and globe with materials such as flyers, posters, cd samples/singles, t-shirts...etc. Basically starting to promote this band from stage one of the typical ground level musician/group.

I want to see CW receive the recognition they deserve, and I know many of you feel the same. If you are interested in participating, and have both the time, desire, and inclination, please send your first name, location, and e-mail address so I (we) can make it be known that it is time to bring the fans into helping promote this band.


amy (

If you agree with Amy, and would like to help see the band get the recognition and promotion it deserves, please e-mail her or visit her web site for ideas on how you can help.

Catherine Wheel may not be mainstream (yet), but they've got plenty of fans. Some of us have joined together to form a web ring of CW-related pages. Just click the appropriate part of the picture below, and you're off to another CW (Cool Web) site! Is that convenient or what?

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