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Catherine Wheel have released 6 CD's to date, and each is a gem. There are many other EPs, imports, etc. for the serious collector - check out Jason's Catherine Wheel page, which includes the most exhaustive CW discography you're likely to find anywhere. But for the rest of us, just the CDs are shown below. Click on the album cover or title to order the CD from CD-Now. (Note: The album cover images are about 90K each. You may not want to wait for them to download!)

Lyrics Web Page
Lyrics in Acrobat (pdf) format (176K)
Lyrics in Word 6 format (103K)

If the album came with lyrics, the lyrics here were just copied from the album. The rest of the lyrics are basically the work of Alex. Visit his web site at Pretty much all I've done is some alternate formatting of his work.

Clicking on a song title below will take you directly to the lyrics for that song.

Wishville Wishville

Sparks are Gonna Fly, Gasoline, Lifeline, What We Want to Believe In, All of That, Idle Life, Mad Dog, Ballad of a Running Man, Crème Caramel
Adam and Eve Adam and Eve

Intro, Future Boy, Delicious, Broken Nose, Phantom of the American Mother, Ma Solituda, Satellite, Thunderbird, Here Comes the Fat Controller, Goodbye, For Dreaming, Outro
Like Cats and Dogs Like Cats and Dogs

Heal 2, Wish You Were Here, Mouthful of Air, Car, Girl Stand Still, Saccharine, Backwards Guitar, Tongue Twisted, These Four Walls, High Heels, Harder Than I Am, La La LaLa La, Something Strange, Angelo Nero, Spirit of Radio
Happy Days Happy Days

God Inside My Head, Waydown, Little Muscle, Heal, Empty Head, Receive, My Exhibition, Eat My Dust You Insensitive Fuck, Shocking, Love Tips Up, Judy Staring at the Sun, Hole, Fizzy Love, Kill My Soul
Chrome Chrome

Kill Rhythm, I Confess, Crank, Broken Head, Pain, Strange Fruit, Chrome, The Nude, Ursa Major Space Station, Fripp, Half Life, Show Me Mary
Ferment Ferment

Texture, I Want to Touch You, Black Metallic, Indigo is Blue, She's My Friend, Shallow, Ferment, Flower to Hide, Tumbledown, Bill and Ben, Salt, Balloon
B-Sides B-Sides
Upside Down, Wish, Spin, Painful Thing, Let Me Down Again, Crawling Over Me, Intravenous, Dead Girlfriend, Collideoscopic, Our Friend Joey, 30th Century Man, Free of Mind, That's When I Reach For My Revolver, Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely, Come Back Again, Pleasure, Smother, Capacity to Change, Willing To Wait, Descending Babe, Paranoia, Lucifer

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