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Besides the Catherine Wheel Home Page, here are a few other Catherine Wheel pages that I think you'll find especially good or useful. Many of these are also in the Catherine Wheel web ring (see the bottom of the page). Mind you, this is not to say the other sites in the ring have nothing to offer! These are just the ones that I think hit the main topics you'd want information on for a band.

50ft Monster: Music from CW Members Brian and Neil

50ft Monster is solo work from CW guitarist Brian Futter and CW drummer Neil Sims. The site has free mp3 downloads available. It's good!

Lyrics: Catherine Wheel Record Shoppe

Ahem. This is my own Catherine Wheel lyrics page. You can also get the lyrics in Word or Acrobat (pdf) format.

Lyrics: Catherine Wheel Lyrics

Lest I appear immodest, you should know that a whole bunch of what I've got on my lyrics page was generously shared by Alex.

Online Music: The Catherine Wheel Live Archive (CWLA)

This site offers online streams of live Catherine Wheel performances, and information about shows available through the CW permavine.

Guitar Tablature: Catherine Wheel Guitar Tablature

No rock band's online presence is complete without a guitar enthusiast or two providing tablature for the music. CW is a great guitar-based band, so guitar players will not want to miss this page!

Guitar Tablature: Catherine Wheel Bass Tabs

What? You're a bass player? No problem! Check out burnt's bass tablature.

Discography and Gigography: Jason's Discography (text)

Jason's non-text discography is available on the official Catherine Wheel site, which is also where you'll find a gigography (through 1997 only).

Recent Addition: Lewis' CW 2003 Site

Even though the band is "parked," Lewis is an exceptional fan who has made a new site to honor and inform about a band that hasn't released an album since 2000, and has no apparent plans to release anything in the near future, if ever.

Web Ring: Sign Up

If you have a CW related web site you can add it to the CW Web Ring, host by, ahem, me. The web ring is one way for fans of or newcomers to CW to quickly go from site to site to find different material and viewpoints of the band. My site is of course in the ring. At the bottom of each page of my site you'll find a graphic and a list of links with which to traverse the ring.

Another list of CW sites: Music Bands List

Music Bands List is a compendium of links to online information for all your favorite bands.

Catherine Wheel may not be mainstream (yet), but they've got plenty of fans. Some of us have joined together to form a web ring of CW-related pages. Just click the appropriate part of the picture below, and you're off to another CW (Cool Web) site! Is that convenient or what?

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