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29 December 2003  Check out the new "Insane" mp3 from Brian and Neil. They're calling their project - or at least their web site - 50ft Monster (


You can find reviews, interviews, and concert reviews for Catherine Wheel all over the web, but I wanted to include enough here to prove that this is a band that gets and deserves critical acclaim. Also, that they are an excellent group to see live, and a pleasant group of folks to be around. Haven't you bought an album yet? What's keeping you? ;)

These reviews are pretty much all used without permission. Many were copied directly from the Texture e-list. Where I have one, I provide a link to the original article or publisher. Any owner of these articles who resents seeing their work being reproduced here, please contact me and I'll remove it immediately.

Adam and Eve Album Reviews
Jack Rabid, Fall, 1997
Dave Thompson, Fall, 1997
JamTV, December, 1997
Access magazine, September, 1997
Angelfire, October 2, 1997, Fall, 1997
Guitar Magazine, October, 1997
The Philadelphia Inquirer, December 12, 1997
The Octopus, Fall, 1997

Adam and Eve Interviews
Billboard, July, 1997
Rolling Stone Online, September 29, 1997
RapidFax, September 18-24, 1997
Boston Phoenix, September, 1997
Music News of the World, September, 1997

Adam and Eve Concert Tour Reviews
Boston Globe, Fall, 1997
Melody Maker, November, 1997
Music News of the World, September, 1997

Catherine Wheel may not be mainstream (yet), but they've got plenty of fans. Some of us have joined together to form a web ring of CW-related pages. Just click the appropriate part of the picture below, and you're off to another CW (Cool Web) site! Is that convenient or what?

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