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Who are Catherine Wheel? You may well ask, because it's a secret that's been kept for far too long. The purpose of this site is to find enjoyable ways for you to be glad to find out more about Catherine Wheel.

The scholarly among you may well know a Catherine Wheel as a medieval torture device named after St. Catherine, a martyr who died by it. Others may know a Catherine Wheel as a somewhat unpredictable firework.

But Catherine Wheel today is probably the best rock 'n roll band of the 90's. No, wait! I hear you groaning, thinking "Oh God, another groupie with a web page," and trying to click your way outta here as fast as you can. Sure I like the band, and I'd like to introduce them to you, but even if you know and HATE the band, why not hang around and at least play some of the games?

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Anyway, if I'm a groupie, I'm not your typical one. I've been a rock 'n roll Joe (with tales of woe) all my life and have a pretty large record collection. But I tend to like stuff everyone else likes. So when I find a band I like (especially now that I'm middle aged), I just assume everybody else has already discovered them, all their albums are platinum, and I'm late on the bandwagon. When I find a band that pleases me as much as Catherine Wheel, I'm surprised and a bit upset to find out they're a "best kept secret." If I enjoy them, chances are lots of you other rock 'n roll Joes will like them too.

So I don't consider myself a groupie, and I don't pretend to be able to put as much time and effort into the band, and my band page, as I do into my job, my mortgage, and my family. I don't know as much about the band as a lot of other fans, so what I've done instead is made games the premier activity of these pages. These will hopefully be fun for you while exposing you to the band, even as they let me explore the JavaScript language, which appeals to the programmer in me (yes, programming is how I earn my living).

CW Logo Oddly enough, I've little to say about the band! You can find plenty elsewhere. I will say that they are a four-piece band from Britain, have been around since the early 90's, have made the charts on several occasions even though they've never had a "monster" hit, are a guitar-oriented band that defies any more specific classification, and they are outright nice folks. I encourage you to find out more about Catherine Wheel (or CW as devoted fans call them) by cruising this little virtual town I've created, called CWville. I hope over the months and years to gradually add more and more to the pages, as I learn more and more about web programming, and as time permits.

With these pages' emphasis on JavaScript, you'll find it's highly advantageous to use a JavaScript 1.1 enabled browser in CWville. For most surfers, this will not be a problem, but I do apologize to those of you without this feature in your browser. You'll also find the pages look best if your screen is at 800x600 resolution, and your browser window is maximized.

You must have figured out by now that the town picture on the main page is your springboard to all of the activities and links provided. As you pass the mouse "hand" pointer over the picture, your browser's status bar displays the associated activity you will go to if you click there. If the status bar says, "Welcome to CWville," there is no activity associated with that portion of the town. If you have Netscape 4+ or Internet Explorer 4+, little boxes pop up to tell you about the section of town your mouse is pointing at.

SeanThis page is a part of the Catherine Wheel web ring. You can go to other sites in the ring where you'll find the more typical - and more useful - fare, such as lyrics, discography, concert experiences, etc., by clicking areas on the picture at the bottom of this page. These other web pages are (mostly) from younger fans who are far more up-to-the-minute on TV videos and concerts and bar scenes, CW trivia, etc., than this old codger, so they'll do better with that stuff than me. I just wanna have a little fun - and I do hope you enjoy your stay in CWville! Y'all come back now, hear?


Catherine Wheel may not be mainstream (yet), but they've got plenty of fans. Some of us have joined together to form a web ring of CW-related pages. Just click the appropriate part of the picture below, and you're off to another CW (Cool Web) site! Is that convenient or what?

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