Sean P. Gardner

138 West 43rd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55409-1958
(651) 442-0237


Continued personal and professional growth as an Information Systems developer, building on 21 years RDBMS and Internet experience. Particular interest in interactive web-based applications using Microsoft solutions.



  • Web Services, Windows Services, MSMQ
  • ASP, VBScript, Visual Basic
  • HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS
  • SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 7, Access, ADO, DAO
  • Visual Studio .NET, Visual Studio 6, Visual Source Safe

DOS, Pick

  • DOS, Advanced Revelation, R83 Pick, Unidata, Microdata, Prime
  • R/Basic, Data/Basic, R/LIST, English/Access, PROC


06/06 - present:  thedatabank, inc.,  Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Developed and maintained ASP-based online membership and advocacy systems for progressive non-profit organizations.
  • Developed interface between Classic ASP mass-mailing UI and StrongMail backend email system, using StrongMail SOAP API.
  • Developed VB.NET Windows Services to post StrongMail log data to SQL Server databases for email reporting to clients.
  • Developed VB.NET Windows application to enable support personnel to monitoring StrongMail status and answer email delivery questions. Application retrieved data from StrongMail server via SOAP and FTP and formatted for on-screen display.
  • Developed interface between Classic ASP UI and 3rd party address verification and geocoding web services, using REST (HTTP POST).
  • Prototyped Session sharing interface between ASP and ASP.NET to aid in migration from Classic ASP to ASP.NET.
  • Wrote SQL Server 2000 stored procedures and functions in support of ASP and ASP.NET development work.

7/04 - 06/06:  Merrill Corporation,  St. Paul, Minnesota

  • Developed and maintained ASP-based online ordering systems selling highly personalized brand management products. Clients included many large, well-known corporations.
  • Developed ASP.NET/VB.NET/ADO.NET applications for an online address book, for direct login to online ordering systems from client sites, and for importing client data, using OOP techniques.
  • Developed web services for the address book's data access layer.
  • Wrote SQL Server 2000 stored procedures and functions in support of all ASP and ASP.NET applications.
  • Maintained VB 6 applications in support of online ordering systems.

9/00 - 7/04:  Compendium Corporation,  Bloomington, Minnesota

  • .NET  (5/02 - present)
    Wrote SQL Server 2000 stored procedures, VB/ADO.NET data access layer, ASP.NET web services, ASP.NET web controls, ASP.NET web page generator, VB.NET code-behind classes to support generated pages, VB.NET Windows services, JavaScript client-side validations, and more for a rewrite of an online survey system. This included use of MSMQ and XML data caching.
  • Classic ASP / VB 6 / SQL Server 7 (9/00 - 4/02)
    • Designed, developed, and documented a VB 6 application that accessed the Word Object Model to make possible the electronic enrollment, dissemination, and receipt of 5,000 - 10,000 surveys per month, all Microsoft Word 97+ documents, for a large banking and credit organization's multi-source feedback process.
    • Participated in the development of a customer satisfaction survey enrollment system for a large multinational credit organization.
    • Designed, developed, and documented a generic "Pulse Survey" system to allow subscribers to create and administer mini-surveys online.
    • Developed an online survey costing, ordering and tracking system for a large national banking client's multi-source feedback program.
    • Maintained and enhanced an intranet system for a large truck manufacturer that allowed dealers, managers, and engineers to review customer satisfaction surveys. Wrote companion VB 6 application for internal use, to manage influx of new login, dealer, manager, model, and sales information from the client, to prepare sales data for use in web, paper, and telephone surveys, and to import returned survey data into the intranet database.
    • Developed several custom survey enrollment systems for smaller clients, tying them into the standard system where applicable.
    • All applications used ADO 2.x to connect to SQL Server 7.0 databases.

3/91 - 9/00:  Health Outcomes Management, Inc.,  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lead Internet Programmer, Programmer/Analyst

  • Designer and lead author of company's online Clinical Toolkit, an ASP-based set of subscription services for medical professionals.
  • Designed and developed interactive web site providing online medical records and communication services between Pharmaceutical Care patients and their pharmacists using VB 6 web class.
  • Authored the company web site.
  • Authored a JavaScript-intensive RUG III Acuity Calculator for Long Term Care.
  • A lead programmer in the design, development, documentation, maintenance, testing, and support of PC-based clinical documentation systems for Long Term Care, Home Health Care, and Pharmaceutical Care.
  • Documentation systems designed in coordination with nurses and pharmacists, developed using Advanced Revelation RDBMS, and deployed on DOS and Novell.
  • Wrote Admission, Minimum Data Set, Care Plan, Outcome Management, Patient Evaluation, and Continuous Quality Improvement modules.
  • Wrote simple billing module and elaborate data mining module for Pharmaceutical Care.
  • Developed data-driven "triggering" system to create care plans based on patient assessments.
  • Wrote many underlying tools to improve the user interface and simplify common programmer tasks.

10/97 - 5/98:  MultiMed Software Developers, Inc.,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Consultant, Part-time

  • Developed prototypes/methodologies for DHTML-based Visual Basic 5 application for home medical recordkeeping and health maintenance, using Microsoft Web Browser control (Internet Explorer 4, exploiting the Document Object Model), DAO, and Access.

6/86 - 3/91:  ROI Systems, Inc. (Acquired by Epicor July, 2003.),  Plymouth, Minnesota

  • Wrote, maintained, documented, supported, occasionally trained 4GL software development tools for a powerful in-house 4GL that supported a manufacturing and accounting product deployed on various implementations of the Pick Operating System.
  • Lead role in the development of a sophisticated "output processor" that could generate columnar or cross-tab reports, summary files, mailing labels, and downloads to PC workstations, with simultaneous access to many files if needed (sophisticated "joins").
  • Developed Rules Processor to generate programs to manage common prompt-processing tasks, such as skipping prompts or clearing prompt data.

7/84 - 6/86:  Cedar Consultants, Inc.,  St. Louis Park, Minnesota

  • Wrote and maintained code and documentation for several applications.
  • Worked with R83 Pick on Microdata, Pertec and IBM PC using Data/Basic, with Wang VS on Wang VS/100 using COBOL, and with DOS on IBM PC using Pascal.
  • Applications included Financials, Distribution, Rental Order Entry, and Computer Based Training.


Books, online resources, work experience, and home projects using personal copies of Visual Studio.

12/83 - 5/84 Control Data Institute,  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Earned certificate in Computer Programming and Operations.  Maintained 94% average.  Finished ahead of schedule.  Received "Student of the Month" honors for April, 1984.

9/77 - 6/82 University of Minnesota,  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Graduated with 233 credits and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  Maintained 3.31 GPA in a wide variety of science and liberal arts courses, while working 16-35 hours per week.

9/74 - 6/77 Park Senior High,  Cottage Grove, Minnesota

Graduated 9th in a class of 533.  Top 5% on PSAT/NMSQT.  Science and math curriculum.


An "impact player" at all previous positions.  Recognized ability to learn quickly.  Sees program and system development as a communications skill as much as a technical skill.  Enjoys working with people to translate requirements into effective programming.  Capable of leadership, and will take initiative, but prefers cooperative team work environments.

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