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Welcome to my home page - I hope you enjoy it here. To do stuff, click the buttons over there on the left. Most of the stuff you'll find here will only interest my family and friends, but the games and humor pages will hopefully have more universal appeal, for those of you who stumble in from out of nowhere.   --Sean

jillian rae is my favorite band...

Jillian Rae covers Donovan's "Superlungs My Supergirl." Official video.
Released January 2, 2016.

Dance Dance Are you into dancing - especially Swing dancing?
Then check out my swinging brother Terry and sister-in-law Cindy at their TC Swing page. It's one of the better - and more popular - Twin Cities dance pages.

Feeling Right at Home Or maybe you need a real estate agent? I've got a brother and sister-in-law for that, too! Check out Feeling Right At Home.

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Last Revised: 5 February 2016