Wentworth Condominium - Area Highlights

The Twin Cities is a major urban and cultural center, with much more than the above few items of interest. The following links can help you learn more about the area:

Community Events and Information
Twin Cities Sidewalk Great source for what's happening NOW! Cultural events, community activities, restaurants, movies, entertainment. This link captures a great deal of what's going on in the Twin Cities. Developed by Microsoft, with most content provided locally, I believe.
City Pages A free weekly newspaper known for its calendar of upcoming events, and reviews of events past. Music, Food, Theatre, Art, Special Events, Bookstore events, Nightclubs, Comedy. Includes straight journalism articles, as well.
Minneapolis School District 1 This is the school district Wentworth Condominium is in. You'll want to learn all you can about it if you have kids.
University of Minnesota Whether you're looking to enroll or looking for information, this is a great site. Just follow the links - you never quite know where you'll end up, but you'll probably learn something!
Southwest Journal This is the community newspaper of Southwest Minneapolis. If you want to get a feel for the area, its issues, its education, its neighborhood associations, its history, and some of its people, this is a superb place to visit.
Minneapolis Star Tribune Newspaper The Minneapolis daily newspaper. A good online information source for the Twin Cities. Of the 2 major Twin Cities daily newspapers, this is editorially the more liberal.
Pioneer Planet:
St. Paul Dispatch and Pioneer Press Newspaper
The St. Paul daily newspaper. An equally good online information source for the Twin Cities. Of the 2 major Twin Cities daily newspapers, this is editorially the more conservative. Pioneer Planet will also act as your Internet Service Provider (ISP), if you're looking for one. Their ISP charges are pretty typical.
Minnesota Daily Student newspaper of the University of Minnesota. You'll generally get a more liberal slant on the news than either of the city papers. The students are also more likely to have their finger on the pulse of what's new and cool, especially where music and nightclubs are concerned.
KTCA Channel 2 / KTCI Channel 17 (PBS) Minnesota Public Television. KTCA is one of the premier public stations in the nation. Together, KTCA and KTCI make up TPT, Twin Cities Public Television.
WCCO Channel 4 (CBS)  
KSTP Channel 5 (ABC)  
KMSP Channel 9 (FOX)
KARE Channel 11 (NBC)  
WFTC Channel 29 (UPN)  
Minnesota Public Radio  
KSTP 1500 AM Talk radio.
KQRS 92 Radio Classic Rock. Probably the most listened to music station in the Twin Cities. You can listen to this station while you browse the net, if you have the Real Audio plug-in/player.
Professional Sports
Minnesota Twins Baseball
Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball
Minnesota Vikings Football
Minnesota Wild Hockey

Last Revised: 02/20/03