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Kathy (Bush) Svelven Kathy (Bush) Svelven
Kathy is a missing alumnus! If you know how to get in touch with Kathy, please inform the Reunion Committee, or ask her to contact the Reunion Committee or provide contact information online. BUT - Please respect other classmates' privacy! If they do not want contact with their classmates, that is their right!

The Reunion Committee can be contacted by email, or by sending information to:
Sean Gardner
138 West 43rd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55409-1958

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Comments? Questions? Suggestions? E-mail the Reunion Committee:
Sean Gardner, Janet Ann (Pinski) Gunderson

To contact the Reunion Committee by postal mail, send to:
Reunion Committee
c/o Cindy (Pabst) Teal
2005 17th Ave SE
Aberdeen, SD 57401

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