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Stacy Lee Clark Stacy Lee Clark
Stacy Lee Clark Send me a message!

For those that don't remember me, I was the empty desk to your right, left, behind, or in front of you. When I was there (which was rarely), I was the one asking you for a pencil with hair down to my butt in my ever-present Army jacket and work boots. You might also remember me because I would constantly - and annoyingly - drum on the desktop :-) I went by "Lee" back then rather than Stacy which I'm known by nowadays.

I live in Manteca, California, but truly long for Minnesota. I've been married to my wife Maria for 17 years. We met in Spain where I lived for about five years. We have three children: Mercedes age 16, Christopher age 12, and Alexis age 7. I am an air traffic controller in Sacramento, CA, and am slowly working on my pilots license as an offshoot of that. Simultaineously, I'm chipping away at my wife to convince her that a plane's a practical necessity ("It really is honey...REALLY!!!"). I enjoy flying, air-camping, writing and poetry (been published a few times), working on my '59 Triumph TR3A, air and car rallies (I co-organize an annual air-rally/camping trip called the Rush for Gold and participate in Triumphest every year). I also begrudgingly enjoy remodeling our house (a necessity after years of stepping on Crayons, countless spilled sodas, slowly bleeding magic markers, the youngest going berzerk with a pair of scissors [screen, couch, bed, carpet, pillows], the oldest daughter's boyfriend driving through my garage door while kissing her, and so on). Though I've had my ups and downs through the years (as have we all), overall life's been pretty good to me. To all my friends from Park, Woodbury, and the Cottage Grove Police Department, I'd love to hear from you. Hope you're doing well. Also, a special "hello" to Ann and her family :-)

The collage is of my family in Lake Tahoe during a recent weekend trip we took on a whim. My wife's pissed because I posted it, says she looks like Atom Ant. Soooo, of course I had no choice but to put it up :-) The little one in the upper left is Alex Scissorhands, "the professional whiner". The boy in the upper right is Chris "the cool guy". The girl "pondering life" in the lower right is Mickey (Mercedes) and her boyfriend Roberto (the bane of my existence [not really]). The two in the lower left are myself and la hormiga atomica...Atom Ant (Mari).

Stacy "Lee" Clark

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