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Stories about Paul Trudeau
Paul Trudeau
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John Aegerter
Everytime I came back home to Cottage Grove, I could pick up the phone and call Paul, and he would always make the time to come and visit. It didn't matter from what part of the world I was stationed at, or where I was living, I always knew that Paul would be there for me. That is what I can call a true friend.
Even after 30 years, (that's how long I've been gone!!!), Paul will always be there.
Dave Robinson
Paul Trudeau has been my brother-in-law since July 21, 1984. Before that we got to know each other and became friends in first grade at Hillside elementary school. I would stop at his house on the walk to school every day to play catch (frisbee, football, baseball, ect) before school started, sometimes Ryan Paul also joined us. In 6th grade Paul and I had a wrestle off for the Hillside elementary championship! I was a head by 1 point going into the 3rd period and has in the TOP postion to start the period. Paul whiperd to me, "let me get an escape so we can tie", being the great friend I was at the time I accomidated him and we TIED! There are many stories of our shinnanigans since we met in 1965. Some of the foundest memories were sneaking in establishments and playing 8 ball (pool) and always keeping the table and drinking our beverage of choice for FREE! Pauly was also a great FoosBall player. Most everyone probably remembers his ride (1976 Chevy truck) he had as well. I still don't know why he had the dashboard covered in that soft furry felt...maybe Deanne can answer that question...but it sure was COOL or maybe back then it was GROOVEY....FAROUT or whatever we said back in the mid-70's!
Paul also used to ride his motorcycle across the highway and one day had to make an emergency stop at 8525 Harkness Ave. (He saw the HELPING HAND sign in the window, remember those?) and my mom fixed him up as he had caught his hand in the sproket or something like that.

We now enjoy many holiday's, trips to the lake cabin in Brainerd, and an annual fishing trip on Lake Kabetogama every year. We are both fortunate to be married to a couple of great sisters and have raised 3 awesome kids that are slowing becoming mature adults.

Paul, here's a toast to our're like a brother I never had...except if you were my brother back in that 6th grade wrestling match I would have pinned your A__! Here's to the past and looking forward to the memories the future will bring. Y-T-B, your the best. Enough of gooey stuff already. Wish this thing had spell check...I did go to Park-Hi afterall!
David (Robbie)Robinson

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