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Cindy Pabst Teal   4/16/2012 12:02pm
Mark Novak, fellow classmate from the Park High Class of 1977, passed away last evening. RIP my friend. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten...

Stacy   4/2/2012 11:21am

Please go to the site above (replace the "(DOT)" with a ".") and sign the petition to save the Cottage View Drive-In. This is important guys, as I'm sure you will all agree. Please leave your reasons when doing so. For my part this is what I left:

What about an outdoor/indoor entertainment complex instead (movies, concerts, plays, conference center, multimedia events, restaurants, etc.) using a modernized drive-in concept as its theme? I suggest calling it "The View" or "The Grove." I grew up in Cottage Grove and I DO NOT want to see another Walmart or any other cookie-cutter box store in my hometown! Please think outside the "box." This is a true David & Goliath issue. With the right mindset, leadership, and planning the city has a real chance to stand out here rather than just swim along with the rest of the fishies. After all, that's how we've gotten to this point in our country in the first place. No one stands up anymore be it cities, towns, or people. We simple say "Yessir, yessir, three bags full." Be different! Others may follow....
Stacy Clark   3/31/2012 09:32pm
Hello everyone it's been a while. Sean, as always thanks for keeping this site up and kudos on connecting us with FB. Don't really have much to say. Just found out the Cottage View is going to soon be a Walmart Super Center. Can't say I'm pleased. Just throwing this out there but maybe we should do something about this in September. I've tried getting everyone swimming in the same direction before and that didn't work so well so this time I'm just suggesting the idea. Run with it if you choose.
Daniel Stratton   3/2/2012 04:09am
I seem to slide to this page less and less, but I am always curious as to what is going on in Notalot. There was a time when Notalot was a place hidden away where Mark T. would consider the mathematical complexities of snow flakes and Stacy C. would come in from landing his plane -- carrying a bottle in each hand -- only to find both Greg D. and Kathy M. some squatters from the class of '76 cooking in the kitchen - wearing roller skates.

As for me, I spent a lot of time in a hallway that led to the guest rooms. The portraits that adorned the walls were those of classmates as they were when we were classmates. The reality of growing older was somehow softened by these portraits. The artist that took the time to do these -- each in oil -- each capturing a moment where the prevailing sense of humor of each of our classmates was captured.

I think of the classmates that are no longer with us. I think that it might be nice to take a moment to remember them, when we get back together in September. It might be nice to linger on each name and allow those who attend to say a little something -- and then move on to the next name. I know this might take a moment or two -- but still as I like to say, "If we live forever, when is the mid-life crisis?" Or why are we in such a hurry? I know one thing. He doesn't hurry. (You know who I mean.)

Cindy, Renee, Beth, Roger and I have been enjoying some time together through Words with Friends. It's fun to connect with people who knew you when. Roger has been very encouraging through facebook and encouragement is always welcome.

I do look forward to seeing you in September. Try to remember that time in September when life was ... and oh so mellow.

I remember Septembers. I love September ... For me it was a busy time of productive new beginnings.

I have been getting up in the middle of the night less and less. 9-11 may have had more of an effect on me than I was conscious of - aware of. I am trying to be more aware these days. Purposing to pay attention -- as it were. It's not always pleasant.

Nice chatting. I look forward to catching up.

Some of the guys are getting together a day early in September to play a little golf. We welcome all that would like to spend time on that day -- male and female. We especially invite the duffer - or the individual that just wants to be there -- but not for the golf.

I will be in Minnesota in June for my youngest brother's wedding. He is just 27. The colors for the wedding are purple and gold. Where did she get that idea?

There are places I remember ... all my life ...

Sean Gardner   1/20/2012 00:23am
I added this entry from our new Facebook page, so aren't we just the class that's on the bleeding edge!
Cindy Pabst Teal   1/15/2012 02:37pm
Anyone out there? Seems we need to dust off the guestbook and make it look spiffy and new again!
Come back, come back, everyone come back!
Those that are still here, let's rock this town this year!
Scott Erickson   1/9/2012 04:30pm
I can't believe how many of our classmates and friends have passed away. The younger you are the idea of not being here in 20 or 30 years never enters your mind. The older we all get the more in touch with our own mortality we become.
Sadly we have to accept things we can't change and work hard towards things we can. I hope the rest of us can continue on healthy and appreciative for what we have and be there for those who need us.
Hope to see many at our reunion.
Take care.
John P. Bous   12/23/2011 02:38pm
I opened the page to wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. To all the very best, to the family of Beth (Halverson) Sullivan I am so sorry for your loss. I had know Beth also and am saddened by the news of her passing.
I would also like to note the passing of Gordon Bauer, he passed away in late September.
Again to all a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New year.
Sean Gardner   12/7/2011 11:37pm
Some preliminary information for the 35 year reunion is available. Please select 2012 Reunion on the Reunion menu at the top of the page. Or click on Reunion in the links at the bottom of the page. Or go to the Home page and click on the links there.

Cuz man, if you want to get there, you way can.
Ray Tharaldson   11/26/2011 06:42pm
Hope everyone enjoyed their time with family and friends this Thanksgiving!
Daniel Stratton   11/7/2011 08:01pm
Mary --

You go girl. Thanks for the help. Anything I can do for the reunion from the East Coast?

I know the first thing that I can do is return Marlyse' phone calls. I need to get on that right away.

I just wished Lori Wincentsen/Hanson a happy birthday. I think Dave Robinson and Don Gustafson also have November Birthdays. Nov. 8 and 9 as I recall. (Whenever I use the word recall, I always hear the song... But do you recall, the most famous .... ) I may be the only one, but I am sure someone can fill in the blanks. The other recall song is (I can still recall, the wheat fields of St. Paul - and we ... )

Oh, I will get those songs out of my head. (Goin out of my head, over you. Out of my head, ... )

Marlyse Troth - Steffen   10/7/2011 03:01pm
I would like to share my favorite Bible verse with you all....In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct your plans and crown your efforts with success. Proverbs 3:6
Mary Niehaus Lundblad   8/31/2011 00:13am
Looking forward to seeing everyone again - missed the 30th and now another 5 years have gone by! Hey, Reunion Committee - I'd be willing to help out with the reunion - just send me an email if you think of anything that requires extra hands. Thanks!
Daniel Stratton   8/29/2011 06:47am
Always fun to just say hi.

Marlyse, I don't think that I will be doing any modeling soon. However, I did do a little runway work when I was a sophomore at Park -- I think we did this under the watchful eye of Sandy Hershelman - class of 75 at the Majestic. Jeff Kaufer will remember.

Julie -- I will be coming back in a year to see the folks. I am not really concerned about what we do, but I do want to have plenty of time to catch up with those who have a desire to catch up.

I have my last little brother -- who just turned twenty seven -- getting married. He is going to hold this event at the Chan Hassen.

I think I went with Jeff, Pete, Don and our dates to see Finian's rainbow there --

My memory of my date was that she was so beautiful that my three friends had to pick their chins off their chests as she came out of her front door. She really was beautiful that night -- (not to say that she wasn't always beautiful.) Light blue dress -- beautiful big brown eyes and a smile...

On the day I was born said my father said he ...
I've an elegant legacy waitin' for ye...

I am still lookin to the rainbow ...

as it were.
Julie Overholser O'Brien   8/17/2011 09:33am
I am checking in hoping to see a little more chatter on this site...especialy since now our class reunion is looming around the corner.
I was hoping that maybe we can all "toss out" some ideas on this site for our next get-together and what everyone would like to see and do.

I, for one am "partial" to thinking along the casual fun-filled laid back time. We all spent some sort of time down on the "island" so maybe a pig roast/kegger somewhere around our stomping grounds. Then, on the other hand since 35 yrs is also a landmark, maybe a nicer event "paddleboat" event somewhere? Stillwater area is always beautiful in the late summer or early fall and there is alot of river front stops.

For those coming out of area/state you probably would like to see and do more since you would most likely be coming in for the longer weekend trying to combine with some family time-your thoughts? Lets get the chatter going and give the committee some ideas!

Take Care!
Marlyse Troth - Steffen   8/12/2011 11:03am
Hi everyone!
I would like to invite you all to the HOPE FOR THE HOMELESS CHARITY FASHION SHOW!

When: Saturday, September 3rd at 3:00 p.m.

12122 Cuyamaca College Drive West
Rancho (El Cajon), CA 92019

Volunteer models receive a free clothing item.

FREE ADMISSION! Food and clothing donations are greatly appreciated.

For more information, please call Marlyse at
(619)450-4770 or:

Dan Stratton   8/3/2011 05:01am
Hey -- I am sitting in the dark, typing on a computer we just bought for our daughter Danielle - as she is preparing to head to George Washington University in DC. It's nice. The keyboard lights up so I don't have to turn the lights on. A buddy of mine is letting me use his apartment in Miami for 8 days or as long as we want. It has an incredible view of the ocean and it is allowing me to enjoy my little girl during her last few weeks before heading off to college.

I, for one, am a bit re-unioned out, having been the chairman for my college reunion this past year. Still, I believe that I will get it together in time to make the trek to Minnesota next year to spend time with my old friends. I do enjoy those brief encounters that seem like snippets of stolen time -- It's fun -- we share memories of things that never seem to fade. Memories are funny that way.

When we all gather this time, we will be 53 years old or so. Wow, that is getting up there - well past the 50 mark - and that is a milestone. I am a little bit bummed out as Marlyse was up in my part of the world and I wasn't able to see her. It's funny but Marlyse is one of those people who doesn't need a last time. I think that was the first time I noticed it. She may have been the originator of that phenomenon. Before Madonna or Usher or ... I am drawing a blank now ... still you get the drift. There were two Michaels - one is gone but he taught us our ABCs and the other is with us. He is still doing commercials so that -- we men -- know what looks good under our jeans. Occasionally Charlie Sheen will throw his cell phone in the back seat of his convertible.

Recipes for Life and Recipes for food. My daughter has a boyfriend who is Cuban and while on vacation we took a stab at making som Arroz con Pollo. He pulled a recipe off of the internet and we began to cook. Having spent my whole married life as a helper to my Italian wife - who can have six pots going at once while making dessert - I probably had this young man reeling a bit as we began chopping and mixing, heating and searing - It was a lot of fun but probably not the way that he thought it was going to go. For the record, the food was edible but not ready for prime time - so to speak. If I ever get to California to visit Stacy - I will follow instructions and help in the kitchen -- doing clean up where necessary - while I allow him to measure and mete out the seasonings -- so that when we sit down to eat -- we aren't distracted during our reasonings - enjoying the banter - emptying the decanter -- as Stacy offers me something more to be enjoyed by the smelling sense than common sense and we sit as the sun sets like no where else.

So, a bit sun burned, I ventured to the beach late today after writing a bit in a piece meant to teach in the prisons and for the Indian nations, the Navajo and the Crow. The next 30 days are crucial for me as I am contemplating a move back into the financial world while maintaining the ministry work that I have done for quite some time. Tuition and retirement are real commitments and I can't remember feeling the pressure the way that I do now - but I am sure that many of you feel this pressure all of the time while some of you are incredibly relaxed about things like this - still - for the pleasure of the pundits who silently sit in Notalot - I reveal as usual a few tidbits - ready to be read - ready to be bandied about - toyed with and taken any way that the reader wants to take me - for as hard as I try to convey appreciation and a bit of an instigation to get others to write - there is always the feeling of being watched by the folks with the big stick -- those who wait ...

Still, it doesn't silence the pen or the keyboard in the dark. It won't stop me from coming back to hear stories about our beloved PARK. The grumbling and the silliness remaining is a quandry to me, but I am still buoyed by the fact that once we were we. We did things together on bikes and on foot. We learned things and tried things and went where we would. We ate and we laughed. We danced and we sang. We watched shows black and white with tall men ding "You rang?"

From Alaska to Florida from Greg down to Mike. From San Diego to Boston from Marlyse to Mark. We criss cross the country, and Jay is in the Far East. I am sure there are others who dot other continents - Europe at least.

I can't remember the last time it took me this long to write. There was a time that I would write every day, and wouldn't write unless someone would pipe in between my entries.

Thanks Sean -- It's nice to visit Notalot -- thanks for leaving the light on.

Allison Pinke Moser   7/14/2011 03:03pm
Hello Class of 1977!
I should have been in your graduating class, but my parents decided to move to Alexandria when we were all finishing up 7th grade. I now have the status of saying that I graduated with Tom Lehman (the pro golfer for you non-golfers out there) and John Hawkes (the actor recently up for an Oscar for his work in Winter's Bone). However, I would have traded that for more years in Cottage Grove. I get back every now and then, driving down Hadley Avenue South, but it isn't the same! It is a suburb!
I hope this finds you all enjoying life and being the person you were meant to be. Thanks for the years I got to spend at Pine Hill Elementary School and three-fourths of a year at Oltman Junior High School. Thanks, friends, for a great start in life and for being there! You know who you are...
Sean Gardner   6/20/2011 07:45pm
Hi Scott,

If it goes like previous reunions, the Reunion Committee will start meeting later this year, and the reunion will be held late summer/early fall next year. Information usually starts coming out around February, if memory serves. The guestbook tends to get a lot more active around reunions too, although this is the first reunion since Facebook opened up to the public, so it could be different this time. Stay tuned!
Anonymous   6/19/2011 09:22pm
I check this Book frequently but doesn't look like theres much being said. Maybe summer time means no ones around. Any word on reunion/where/when?
Kenny Nelson   4/23/2011 04:53am
Happy Easter Everyone!
Cindy Pabst Teal   3/10/2011 08:04am
I do miss the bantering back and forth on notalot. The history between us all is something worth keeping. FB is great for social networking and keeping in touch with old and new friends, but notalot has something deeper in its pages. When the next class reunion date comes closer these pages will again fill up and become alive with banter. I for one, am looking forward to it. Much love to all my fellow classmates.
Daniel Stratton   3/5/2011 07:33pm

We would love to see you at our next reunion in 2012, that is if the Mayan prophecy doesn't come to pass.

Ray and Stacy -- you guys are right. CG was a great place to grow up. I am sure that it still is --

So -- I figured I hadn't written in a while. So, I thought I'd write a small thought. So...

What would that thought be. I can't think of anything -- ha.

So -- good night notalot -- you are a place that used to bring a lot of imagination to the forefront - I loved the creativity that once bounced around on this page -- I even loved the banter and the conversations that might have been a bit confrontational -- but then again -- I am a weirdo. I know that.

So -- don't forget to ....

Stacy Clark   3/2/2011 11:18pm

You're absolutely right...
Sean Gardner   2/28/2011 07:45pm
Hi Greg,

Tracy knows and is putting the word out about what has happened. Not sure where it'll go from there. Maybe Facebook will be your class' online presence going forward.
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