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Sean Gardner   10/6/2012 06:02pm
Hey folks, there's a short 3-question survey about the reunion up at Survey Monkey. We'd appreciate if you could take a minute to fill it out. It'll help us decide what to do for the next reunion. You can get to the survey in about a billion ways:

From the Reunion menu at the top of this page.

It's also shared on our Facebook page:

Yes, we're making it so easy it's hard!
Sean Gardner   9/25/2012 08:27pm
On behalf of the Reunion Committee, thanks right back atcha all! It looks like we have achieved our twin goals of having a fun reunion and a replenished reunion kitty - and it's all thanks to our generous and fun-loving classmates!
Julie (Overholser) O'Brien   9/24/2012 01:32pm
JOB WELL DONE!!! I was really impressed with everything about this reunion. ALOT of fun was had by all no doubt. I am so glad to be part of a very special class and yes "unique" bond of friendships that we still have to hold onto so dear after all these years. Thank you friends!
Amy Enochson   9/23/2012 11:26pm
Thank you Reunion Committee for the great party. It was so fun to see old friends!
Kristy Evans Kortus   9/23/2012 10:34pm
Thanks to everyone who set up the reunion, it was an awesome night!
Nan (Nancy Eldridge) Records   9/22/2012 11:56pm
Thank you Reunion Committee for all the behind the scenes work you did for yet again a fun Reunion! It is greatly appreciated!
Bill Nelson   9/22/2012 11:37pm
I justed wanted to thank our reunion committee for having such a nice party for us.I feel very blessed to have been in such a great class it means so much to both my wife and myself again thank each and everyone of u class members for a great time . God Bless Bill and Pat Nelson
Dan   9/21/2012 05:11pm

I had the unique pleasure to hang with some of our classmates yesterday. I got my butt whipped on the golf course as Jon Losness won today -- Mike Dullum came in next followed by Gary Bredeson. Also, I want to mention that Gary Bredeson has great talent on the pool table.

As we get ready to meet tomorrow night - I want to ask a favor of each of you. The reunion committee -- Greg, Tim, Cindy and Sean -- have asked me to lead us in a moment of remembrance for our classmates who have passed to the eternal side. We have a list of folks -- that may or may not be complete. If you know of someone who is not on this list ... text me at 646-596-1058. There is something powerful that happens when people remember loved ones.

Jim Barnes, Gordy Bauer, Doug Carlson, Al Clark, Bridget Creighton, Mary Crusan Battcher, Tom Elmer, Doug Fritz, Beth Halvorson Sullivan, Connie Henry, Sharon (Morgan) Radtke, Greg Morrison, Mark Novak, Dan Parent, Cindy Roeller Schmidt, Wayne Scherado, Jeff Stoffel, Mike Susla, Dave Wilkoske, Jim Yanisch --

Let me know if you remember some others. (I hope that this list is complete.) 646-596-1058.

When I went to college out east and then stayed in NYC to work, my sister Jodie said "Dan has been away so long ... it feels a bit like he's dead." She was young and just spoke her mind. Death really is like that. People are separated from us and for those of us who believe it is only a temporary separation.

I love reunions, because I get to create fresh memories and new impressions and I get to see how people grow and change. I carry a lot of fondness for my old friends and it does feel a bit rough when that separation lingers. I look forward to having each of you that come to reunion come back to life for me. Much love.
Lange   9/19/2012 07:56pm
Hey fellow alumni! I still can't believe "Stifler" is a Park grad - wow! Heading into the 35th reunion - which I unfortunately can't attend I thought alot about the old days. So many of my memories are tied to three things -friends, sports and partying. I NEVER think about classes - I couldn't tell you any class or anything of significance in learning but on the same note felt I got a decent education in the green mile. I wanted to come out with the TOP 7 of 77 male athlete rankings so here goes:
1.) Dan Stratton - who can argue with q-bing the football team, basketball prowess and as I remember baseball. Then attending an Ivy League college and playing football for Cornell - well what can I say? Now, I have skated with Dan and can honestly say I got the best of him there!
2,) Dave Robinson - basketball superstar and an outstanding soccer goalie. College b-ball at SSCU. The move to number 2 - no spring sport besides pulling back some cold ones but a well deserved runnerup.
3,) Mark Salwasser - this guy was a natural athlete. All State as I remember in soccer and a solid hockey and baseball player. Sal could have excelled at ping pong if it was a school sport.
4.) Jim "Muck" Joeckel - was there anyone with more athletic talent than Jimmy? Football, hockey and baseball. He was one of the fastest runners - we used to look at each other and it was a 50 yarder anywhere anytime and I'm proud to say I won a few.
5.) Dave Anderson - if a guy could win with one sport (football) he would be higher ranked. Andy was a "man" in a boys world. I remember being around him and being in awe and couldn't think of what to say to him - far from the feeling I got being around of Robo :). A physical specimen of the highest order.
6.) Louie Yanez - now c'mon everyone give it up for this pick. Louie was one of the coolest guys in school and a golden glove champ to boot. One of my few regrets is that I didn't find a way to see him fight but I sure heard about it. I don't think at the time we all realized what a competitor this guy was. If I was to do it over I would have signed him as my agent/client and taken him to Hollywood and he would have given Norris, Stallone and Von Damme a run for their money. I can still see Louie standing there, well dressed, confident with the best looking girl on his arm.
7.) Jim Janetto - a one sport wonder (wrestling) and a hell of a great guy. My memories were a little weak here but I know he was a king of that sport.
Well, there you have it - Lange's picks for the top 7 of 77. We had some terrific athletes that didn't make the cut. Teams are made of great players working together. One final memory to share from sports was that I went out for 9th grade football Park Jr. all 140 pounds of me. I was a skinny disaster. The late Mike Susla made up a poem that I would pay to have today which referenced me missing a couple of games "due to an ingrown toenail". The only positive thing I can take from that miserable experience was that I got to see Bruce Faffler run the football. To this day the only other memory even close was seeing Randy Lucas skate. "Faff" ran up and down the field at will. NO TEAM could stop him. If you were there you can't argue this one. It was the most incredible thing I have EVER seen in youth/high school sports. Mr. Faffler thanks for teaching me to be a fairly competitive pool and ping player - I just took down brother Jimmy in ping pong over x-mas. Faff thanks for pre high school memories and I place you in honorable mention. Be great everyone - have a cold one for me on Saturday! -Mike "LANGE" Langevin- INDIANS FOREVER!!
Marlyse   9/6/2012 06:08am
I can't wait to see Connie in heaven!

Dan Stratton   9/2/2012 08:13am

I am getting ready for church and came out to the page a little bit prayerful, to look at the list of classmates that have passed. When I looked I was pleased to see Connie Henry on the list. I remember being a young 2nd grader I think when I learned that she had passed. Many of her friends were my classmates and they were extremely upset. I just watched.

A few years later another young classmate of ours passed. His name was Doug Fritz. Doug was a burly young kid. He was strong and athletic and Kenny Fritz, his brother was also our classmate. Does anyone have a picture of Doug from way back when? I think he should be added to our Memorial wall of remembrance. You may know of others.

You see as people, made in the image and likeness of others, we live on. Yes, we live on in each others memories, but we also live on by faith -- which I have learned to be a very real and valuable thing.

My Dad's 73rd birthday was yesterday and I expect him to live a bit longer. Many of you have experienced recent personal loss. Some of you may have experienced loss that you still find difficult to get over. I am praying for you this morning by faith. Faith works by love.

I liked what Julie said, "I have a lot of wonderful -- and even more vivid memories." It is not always the wonderful that are the most vivid. I like to say it this way, "Love doesn't feel good much of the time." Still, perfected love banishes fear and love will not fail you.

Much love -- see you in a few weeks.
Julie (Overholser)O'Brien   8/13/2012 08:15am
I am hoping to see so many of you at our reunion. I can hardly believe that it has been 35 yrs. With so many fond as well as; vivid memories of those days. My heart truly goes out to those of you who have lost a loved ones mose recently Pauline and family.

Take Care now, and I am looking forward to our 35th!
Dan   8/12/2012 05:37am
I came out to the page to get any news on the reunion only to find that Mike Susla has passed. And then I read Mike's post and remembered many times with Mike Susla. When I think of Mike I, too, remember the strong and jovial kid that he was. I remember pitching to him -- knowing that if he connected -- he could send the ball a long way. I remember the way he wore his long hair and other things. And remembering him causes me to remember Doug Fritz and Jim Barnes. And I think I even shot baskets at Mike Langevin's house with Jim and Mike Susla. I know they got me out on the ice one time for some hockey, but I think that was just so they could make fun of me. I think Mike Susla was there, too. I really hate when we lose classmates.

On facebook, Jim Leaf talked about a scare that he had with chest pains. I know that I have put myself at risk by gaining far too much weight and am now in the long and arduous process of taking it off.

Earlier in the evening, I saw a post by Jeff Kaufer about Star Trek, and it is from there that I say to all of you, "Do the little things so that you can live long and prosper."

I hope to see the rest of you at Reunion. Let's tip a glass to Sus, to Barnesy, to Doug, to Dave and to all the others that I should remember but cannot at this time -- We're here and because we will be there, we will click and remember -- they will be with us.
"Here, Hear."
Mike Langevin   8/11/2012 09:57am
VERY sad to hear of the loss of my chilhood friend Mike Susla. We grew up together a block away. My brother Jimmy and I still talk about him all the time. He was a rough and tumble fun loving guy. One of my favorite memories was playing basketball next door to our house and I was giving him some lip and it was on and he cold cocked me with one punch and I was OUT. Mike was a tremendously fun guy to be around and one of the neighborhood "regulars". I haven't seen Mike for maybe 35 years but the fun we had as kids will live forever. God Bless "Sus" and his family!
Frank Eldridge   8/10/2012 10:41pm
Wasn't there long enough to be remembered, but I still remember some of you. Really miss those days
Sue (Mitchell) Shapiro   8/8/2012 07:59pm
It is sad to hear of yet another classmate of our passing on. Way too young!

In response to the posting by John Bous regarding Mike Susla, here are details for his funeral, for anyone from our class who may want to be there.

Funeral Service 4 PM, Thursday, August 9, 2012 at Kok Funeral Home, 7676 80th St. S., Cottage Grove, with visitation two hours prior to the service.
Cindy Pabst Teal   8/8/2012 03:22pm
There is a hotel close to the American Motorsports Bar & Grill for those that need lodging. Wakota Inn is located in the old Super 8. Phone number is 651-458-0313.
Cindy Pabst Teal   8/6/2012 10:16am
Hi Scott,
If you have your login password, go to the Reunion tab and tab on Reunion 2012. Scroll down to the "See Who's Going" line and tap on it. It will give you the people who have RSVP'd on this website already. We do have several people who are RSVPing on FB but have not sent in their payment yet. Once we receive their payment we can list them out here as well.
If you do not have your password for this site, just give Sean Gardner a shout on his email at He will get right back to you with your password. We need to keep this site secure because of all the personal information collected on classmates.
If you are on Facebook, we also have a site there as well. The profile page is Park High Class of 1977.
Thanks for asking! Hope to see you in September!
Scott Erickson   8/5/2012 05:28pm
Is anyone putting together a list of attendees
for our reunion so we can see if friends are
It would be nice to see their names.
John P. Bous   8/5/2012 07:31am
I recieved word from a friend of mine that Mike Susla passed awy on Friday August 3rd, 2012. No further details were made at the time.
Cindy Pabst Teal   7/26/2012 10:27am
These classmates will be added to our "Missing" list. If you know the whereabouts of anyone. Please let us know or have them get in touch with us.
Anne Alston
Kent Eittreim
Phil Gaarder
Gordon Hart
Margie (Schmidt) Wilson
Cindy Wosick
Cindy Pabst Teal   7/9/2012 08:39pm
Just a reminder to all the women of the class. If you are sending a check for the 2012 reunion, please be sure to write your MAIDEN name in the memo line. We can't find you under your married name. Thanks!
Sean Gardner   6/24/2012 02:23pm
This reunion message was emailed this morning, in case you didn't get it:

This is a quick note to let you know reunion plans and pricing have finalized. The 35-year reunion will be on Saturday, September 22 at 7:00 PM in the banquet room at the American Motorsports Bar and Grill ("Car Bar") in Cottage Grove.

If you haven't been in Cottage Grove for a while, the Car Bar is in the old K-Mart mall, which is now anchored by a Rainbow grocery store. It's on 80th St., "down the hill" from Park High.

Please RSVP for the reunion at your earliest convenience by going to:

We're not planning to have payment at the door for this reunion, so please use the form to make your RSVP in advance. You'll need to log in to make your RSVP. Send an email to Sean Gardner ( if you don't know your password.

The minimum payment per person is only $19.77, but there are higher payment levels if you're willing and able. The last two reunions lost money, so we're hoping a little extra here and there will replenish the reunion kitty. You can pay by check, or pay online using PayPal.

For more information about the reunion, please visit:

or visit us on Facebook at:

We're relying heavily on the internet and word of mouth for this reunion, so please tell other classmates you're in touch with.

Thank you! See you at the reunion!

Daniel Stratton   6/14/2012 10:53am
Hey Folks,

I used to have a rule that I wouldn't write unless someone wrote in between. Did you know that we have a reunion coming up in about 90 days. That is just enough time to get the PS90x and start cranking out some exercise. Work on those abs and glutes. Or would you rather play ladders and chutes, or just grimace and grumble saying -- "walk a mile in my butes."

I was back for my little brother's wedding and it was great to see the folks, but the real reason I am writing is to say how fun it was to sit with Tim Quinn and reminisce. We shared memories and he brought me up to speed on many of you. He and my sis have been married -- goin' on 27 years this July - and he sees some of you fairly often and gets the scoop on some others from time to time. Mark Fraser was doing acts of kindness for Tim and Sandy as he went over and took care of their canine. He spoke of others and we laughed and we talked about how things have changed and how wonderful a place Cottage Grove was and still is.

I was really considering taking a leave of absence from this our 35th reunion, but Tim really convinced me that I needed to come back and be with you. So, I am purposing to make the time and allocate the cash to get back to be with you. I really hope that many of you will make the effort to come out and share a smile and a laugh. Tell a story or two, they don't have to be true. I know, for me it will just be good to see you and hear your voice. I have a lot of great memories. I could list a few. But I won't.

The Harbor of Fowey is a beautiful Spacht.
Even when Snowy, a place for a Yacht.
The winds there are lazy
the skies there are hazy
And mostly I lay in my boat on my Cacht.

Peace ....

Dan   4/28/2012 07:14am
I have been up writing this morning and for some reason I was prompted in my spirit to come out to this page. I had been meditating the origins of the Hebrew concepts for Truth and Death and come to find that my childhood friend Mark Novak has ... passed from this realm to the next.

I remember Mark from the earliest days. He lived in a cul de sac with Dave Kaput across the street. He had a big sister Robin and a little brother. His Dad -- Robert sold insurance and my Dad was mentored by him for a short period of time. I remember stuffing envelopes for my Dad -- trying to get him appointments to sell the American Family of Insurance products.

Mark was a lot of fun. He was a very good athlete as a young man. He was a power hitter and played a pretty good third base. He was strong and pretty fast and played some running back on our seventh and eighth grade football teams ... We were close as young kids. We played games at his house and rode our bikes back and forth from his house to mine. Funny, but I have more memories at his place than mine. The Jones family lived around the corner and the Burdashes lived behind Dave Kaput (Jimmy, Rick and Donny) -- Connie Swanson lived back there as well. The Bourquins were just down the street and on the corner. Larch, Magnolia -- are my faint remembrances --

I loved Mark, but my memories of him fade after 8th grade. I didn't know what happened to him ... where he went or what he was into. He stopped coming to practice and we didn't have any classes together.

At the 25th reunion, he was sporting his beard and we laughed back and forth. Jim Leaf was there that night ... It was late ... Jeannie LaBrosse was there. Kevin was there, I remember ... Joe Clark ... Marlyse ... again my memory is foggy ...

I am saddened by Mark's passing. I have been to Mesa, Arizona and have felt the heat and the burn of the sun there. It is hard to place my memory of Mark -- playing king of the hill on mounds of snow -- and somehow seeing him on his Harley in Mesa -- bandana on his head and chains on his pants -- boots and a sleeveless shirt --

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