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Rory Hughes   12/20/2018 06:30am
WOW... I'm kind of bummed that it seems I may be the ONLY classmate using this site still but... here goes anyhow!
MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR to all also good health to you and all your loved ones too!


Rory Hughes   4/15/2018 05:02pm
Hey, are there any of you OLD FARTS(like me refusing to partake in the social media giant) that still look at this website in order to contact our classmates for impromptu get-togethers? Well, I guess I hope Sean's efforts aren't going completely wasted keeping this site up/available I'm throwing out an invite to anyone to let me know if they're still here{and a big THNX to Sean from me either way} Take Care All, Ror
Bob Hileman   7/1/2017 07:22pm
Looking for Susan McConnville Black. Anybody know where she may be? Have fun at he reunion.
Lost classmate - Sharon Carrigan look at Facebook kelly Jean Carrigan may be able to contact.
Miss a lot of you. Post pics.
Deb Howard is on fb too.
Sean   5/11/2017 08:27pm
Lisa. Koyama   5/10/2017 11:25pm
Is the closest hotel from St. Paul Park on Concord? My brother Joel live in the Minnetonka area, so if I attend the reunion I don't want to drive too far after the festivities.
Rory Hughes   5/1/2017 09:30pm
WOW!!! it's great to see we have a time and place to look forward to being this August! and also so many awesome people to visit with again,,, hope there is lots of bud-light to drink cause... "I LOVE YOU GUYS!" "I'm just saying"

take care till then,
Mary Niehaus Lundblad   5/1/2017 02:41pm
Copied from Facebook - for your convenience!

Save the date, Class of '77! 40th Class Reunion is officially on the calendar Aug 18 & 19th. We are working on a great event to celebrate this reunion. 9 hole golf tournament, a motorcycle/car ride on the St. Croix River highway and even a float in the Heritage Days Parade are in the works for a two day get together. More information will be posted here but for now SAVE THE DATE! Aug 18-19!
Randy (Smith) Withers   4/9/2017 06:30pm
I see there is a 40 year anniversary coming up. I was part of your class of 1977, but i did not graduate with you, (I took my GED and joined the military). If possible and/or allowed i would very much like to reconnect with you all. I won't show up without permission. Please let me know if this would be acceptable.

Best regards,

Randy Withers
Mary Niehaus Lundblad   2/19/2017 10:36pm
Thanks, Greg!

Look forward to hearing more!
Greg Sailer   2/19/2017 09:23am
Hello everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know we are in the stages of finalizing our 40th reunion. The team of Tim, Cindy, Sean and myself are still together. We are working on an August reunion. Stay tuned for more information coming very soon! Sincerely, Greg and the entire reunion team!
John Bous   2/13/2017 06:45am
To all members of the Class of 77, does any one know if there are plans for a 40 year Reunion in the works.
Past committee members have done a wonderful job but they have relocated to other areas making it difficult to get together.
Many class members not using social media have asked if there is any thing in the works and have some interest in some sort of gathering.
I can be reached through messenger or my Facebook page.
Thank you.
Jim Leaf   8/17/2016 05:00pm
That's Right!
Randy Burg   8/10/2016 02:14pm
A quick notification about our classmate Rich Abram below:

One of my close friends from my youth in Cottage Grove, MN while growing up together at Park Grove Alliance Church, Rich Abram passed away yesterday at the age of 57. Rich suffered from pancreatic and liver cancer and died peacefully. Rich was a committed follower of Jesus Christ, so we believe He is now present with the Lord Jesus! Rich's funeral is tentatively scheduled for next Monday, August 15 at 10:30 a.m. in So. St. Paul. I will post confirmed details when they're firmed up. Please join me in praying for Rich's father Butch and his two siblings Jayne and Ben as they mourn this great loss.

For friends and loved ones who may desire to honor Richard Allen Abram by attending his memorial service here are the details:

When: Monday, August 15, 2016
Visitation: 9:30-10:30 am
Service: 10:30-11:30 am
Where: Kandt & Tetrick Funeral Home
140 8th Avenue North
South St. Paul, MN 55075
More Information:…/Abram-Richard/service-details.php

Note: Following the service and graveside internment, all are invited to attend a luncheon at the South St. Paul VFW Post 295 at 111 South Concord Exchange in Rich's honor.

Tom Mueller   2/18/2016 08:01pm
Jerry Talcott is in town. A group of us are meeting at Station 280, sat. Feb. 18 at 7:30 PM.

The address is 2554 Como Ave #7, St Paul, MN 55108, just off of highway 280. Here is a link,
Tammy Nelson   7/12/2015 02:49am
I'm looking for Brian Carlson. He was married to my mother Sharon Kaye. I just wanted to talk.
Scott Erickson   4/4/2015 10:53pm
Just dropping a line or 2 to say this site could be the only connection I have to you classmates as I dont use Facebook and Twitter never have and most likely never will. I know quite a number of people that spend incredible amounts of time checking texting typing and reading all the people's communications. Id like to use this site for what it was originally started for so I'll periodically check it to see if anyone else chooses to use it to stay in touch.
Hope to read some messages.
Mark Thompson   1/26/2015 05:54am
Hi those who are interested,

It's Mark and Sean G. shared his log on details so I could access this cool site. In Australia at the moment and wanted to send a heartfelt hello to those who may be in Park High '77 cyberspace and maybe monitor this site. Thank you to Sean for either creating this site or contributing to its expansion for those who may wish to re-connect to classmates far and wide ... Cheers mates.

Bob Hileman   9/17/2014 00:14am
Looking for Susan McConnville Black. If anyone knows how to find out her whereabouts please email
Greg DuBois   9/3/2014 00:18am
Felt the prompt to check out the Class of 77 site again, just wondering if anyone is using it. I see its few and far between. The class of 76 has a website but not much happening there and we also have a class page on Facebook which is where all the action takes place.

I remember the large cabin Dan, and I always thought of it as a huge log cabin with a roaring fire place, and Kathi in the kitchen on roller skates. Where our classes hung out and sang loudly with a roaring fire while the snow was blown into drifts by the strong winds outside.
Dan Stratton   4/7/2014 03:01am
An entry in Notalot seems appropriate since it has been some time since I have been this sleepless.

So, to my old pals in Cottage Grove, Hellooooo (Seinfeld style!)

I wish you well.

My Mom has moved back to St. Paul Park. A buddy of mine runs a marina in St. Paul Park. Two sisters still live in Cottage Grove -- I think and my Dad is there on the road to Afton.

Tim's a grandpa and Mark Tronnier now lives in Chaska. Ron Lemieux just started his own law firm. No other news to report. My daughter's a junior at GWU in DC and taking her MCATs in May. (study habits didn't come from me!!!)

I like to read Stacy's posts on facebook and hear from our illustrious Prez from time to time.

Most of you are 55 --- ha. I've got a few months to go.

Not feeling Seussian tonight so I'll minimize my thoughts and comments and will not rant too much or write in Dutch unless of course you ask me such.

I do remember the creative days when we had invented the getaway -- notalot the rustic cabin -- I see it a bit like a very large cabin with a fire place, but the more I write, the larger it gets and soon it is the hotel from The Shining --- complete with the snow and the maze. All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy.

Last night on the 19th floor at the Omni Hotel over an Amber Ale - two friends and I broke into a rendition of "I'd like to hear some funky ... " And I had to laugh. I remembered the basketball bus rides -- with Berget and Moore. Oh yes, I saw Berget in the city recently. He's still a bit reserved. However, I enjoyed him. It was a cold and rainy day in Manhattan -- we met in a place called Tonic -- on 7th and 48th. A nice day -- valentines.

McGuillicot's pool. I can't remember how to spell it, but I bet I can still load the little projector and crank it from frame to frame as Mrs. Hanson oversees the library where once we had Choir rehearsal with Miss Peters singing Sarasponda.

You were there at Appomatox and you were there at Lexington and Concord were in the shelves to the left of the door, if you looked from inside the tiny library. And Black Beauty and Little Women were on my wall to my right and behind me were all the Seussian books that I never seemed to tire of and then there were the Highlights magazines. Hmmmm....

Misty water colored memories ...

Julie Overholser Obrien   10/19/2013 08:35am
My Deepest Sympathy goes out to Denise(Rivet)Van Horn and Greg Van Horn for the loss of their youngest son Matt age 24 due to a tragic accident. His visitation and memorial service will be on Sunday at St Paul Park KOK Funeral Home from 2-6pm on October 20th, 2013. Prayers got out to Denise and Greg, so very sorry for your loss.

Julie and family
Sean Gardner   6/23/2013 01:43pm
Scott - I think Facebook happened! :)
Scott E   6/19/2013 08:00pm
What happened to everyone?
Haven't seen a posting since we Oct 2012.
Maybe this site has been abandoned?
Too bad.
Sean Gardner   10/22/2012 07:53pm
The reunion picture DVDs are all burned, packed, labeled, and stamped, and some have even been mailed. I should be able to get them all in the mail through the week.

If you didn't go to the reunion, or if you didn't buy a copy while you were there, you can still get one. Just mail $5 to:

Reunion Committee
c/o Cindy Teal
13876 44th St. So.
Afton, MN 55001
Sean Gardner   10/6/2012 06:09pm
Other news:

I've begun burning copies of the reunion picture DVDs for those of you who purchased one. If you didn't go to the reunion, or if you didn't buy a copy while you were there, you can still get one. Just mail $5 to:

Reunion Committee
c/o Cindy Teal
13876 44th St. So.
Afton, MN 55001
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