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The 1997 20-Year Reunion

If you click on the class photo below, you'll go to a page with a better quality picture. That picture is 187Kb, so it will take a little extra time to load on a typical modem connection. But it's worth the time!

The Class of '77 in '97
The Class of '77 in '97:
Hunks and Babes at any Age!

Well, the long-awaited reunion has come and gone, and now it's just a great memory... I for one had a great time. Thanks to all of you for the many compliments on our class web page!

For those of you unable to attend, and those of you who want to remember, here are a bunch of pictures Sue provided. They are quite large, so as to retain as much quality as possible. I deeply apologize to those of you that I don't know or don't recognize! I'll try to get better descriptions as time passes. PLEASE e-mail me if you can help out with identifications - thanks. And thanks to Dano for the idea to number the unknowns.

A Grouping of Hillside and Crestview Grads - (55K)

St. Thomas Aquinas Elementary - (57K)

The Magnificent Seven - (48K)

Hillside Elementary Classmates - (58K)

Pullman Elementary Classmates - Jeff B. front and center. - (205K)

Pine Hill Elementary Classmates - (206K)

Sue, Dano, and Dorothy - (162K)

Jim and Cindy - (128K)

Marlyse and Mark - (135K)

Linda & Dano, Sue. Peace! - (174K)

Grove Elementary Classmates - (182K)

The Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! - (146K)

Tres Hombres - (138K)

Their Own Private Joke - (146K)

Sorry, Bar Closed - (117K)

A Toast For the Camera - (145K)

The Black and Blue Division - (143K)

Suave and Company - (155K)

Triad - (142K)

The Fab Four - (156K)

I Wanna Winna Prize! - (144K)

Scrum! - (166K)

Settee - (142K)

Nice Girls... - (135K)

Girl, Boy, Girl - (137K)

Casual Fun - (163K)

And here's the latest pictures of my kids... - (54K - corrupted file)


Smiles All Around - (93K)

He looked up, an expectant smile on his face - (66K)

Hey Old Neighbor! - (52K)

Sue and Jeff - (38K)

Motley Crew - (66K)

Buds - (80K)

It's Party Time! - (56K)

A jug of wine, a bottle of beer, and thou... - (57K)

The Boys are Back in Town - (83K)


Teresa Schmidt Connolly won the Pentium 166 Computer, which was provided at cost by NeXSYS Computers of California - a Sue Shapiro connection. Congratulations, Teresa! Maybe we'll be "seeing" you around this page!


The early bird prize, a collector plate donated by Thomas Kincaid Galleries, was won by Lisa Koyama. Lisa was a fitting winner, since she was the "earliest bird" - she was the very first person to send in her money! Not only did Lisa pay first and win first, she also got the LAST prize given out Saturday night! So double congratulations to Lisa! Congratulations too, to all the other prizewinners!


If you are interested in getting photographs from the Saturday night dinner/dance, but were unable to attend, or didn't get a chance to talk to the photographer, you can still order. Price for an 8" x 12" color print of the group photo is $20.00. Prices are $10.00 each for 5" x 7" color prints, or $5.00 each for 4" x 6" color prints of other photos, such as the elementary school groupings. (Kris H. encourages everyone to get the "other" Hillside shot!) To order, contact:

Tom Conlon
2183 Berkeley Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105-1207

articlesarticles The following articles relate to the class of 77, and are from the Pioneer Planet (St. Paul Pioneer Press online):

Riding the Crest of the Baby Boom
Reunion Reflections by Katherine Lanpher

hula You know, I just like having the hula dancer on the page. Couldn't bear to see her go, so I kept her. It's a guy thing.

And the Travel Planning page also seemed too useful to throw away.

A lot of you have been wondering whether this page is going to disappear now that the reunion is past. No way! We have a large class (533), which makes a forum like this useful year in and year out. In time, as more and more classmates become computerized in the home, we should be able to build up a very useful means of staying in contact. So far we have over 40 e-mail addresses on the "Social Studies" page. By all means, send yours in if you haven't already! The guest book should also be useful in this respect.

A lot of pictures were taken at the reunion, and some will appear here. If you've got a good one for this page, please send it in. Include a SASE and I'll return it after scanning it. Send to:

Sean Gardner
138 West 43rd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55409-1958

Please E-mail me or the Reunion Committee if you have any ideas for our class page.

Yes, the Reunion Committee mailbox will remain open. In effect, you'll be e-mailing Sue, and she'll forward the message as appropriate (this may of course change over time). By the way, don't hesitate to e-mail Sue or any other Reunion Committee member to thank them for their hard work. It paid off in spades!

If you didn't get online till after the reunion, or if you're just feeling nostalgic, I've saved the pre-reunion pages. Click here to have a look. Other than that, try to check back on our class page every so often, just to see if there's news. Also, I update the "Mystery Link" every so often (oooooh, thrilling), except during tax season, when it points to tax forms.

"See" ya,

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